Greg Roman on number of designed runs for Lamar Jackson: Wait and find out

Greg Roman on number of designed runs for Lamar Jackson: Wait and find out

The Ravens ran more designed running plays for Lamar Jackson in each of the last two seasons than any other quarterback has had in a single season since the stat began being tracked in 2006, but there’s been chatter about those plays playing a smaller role in their offense this year.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman isn’t engaging in that chatter, however. Roman was asked about the number of designed runs for Jackson at a Monday videoconference and said that “we’ll all have to wait and find out.”

“Obviously, Lamar’s skill set and dynamic athletic ability — that’s something we can [have] available every week and do a little bit more of it this week and a little bit less of it the next week,” Roman said, via Jamison Hensley of “I think that’s always on the table, those type of things. I think it’s also an in-game feel for how the game is going and how the defense is playing. I think we’re at the point now where we have a pretty good menu when we go into a game. We can see how the game is going and understand that things are going to change in the course of a game. I think it’s something we can definitely hang our hat on at times and other times we won’t.”

The Ravens added second-round pick J.K. Dobbins to an already deep running back group and there’s little reason to think the offense is going to shift dramatically away from the one that set a new single season record for overall rushing attempts last season. That would suggest Jackson will still be running the ball a fair amount, but, as Roman said, we’ll start finding out in a couple of weeks.